Thursday, 2 April 2015


Meet Alexandre and Xavier Halpern, two brothers from Paris who gave up their jobs in marketing and finance for a family business called Maralex Kids.

Maralex was founded in 1930, originally as a women’s footwear shop. However following generations developed the concept into a store dedicated to children.

Xavier and Alexandre, the third ‘Maralex generation’, wanted to create a contemporary space that continues the history of the Maralex house.

In 2011 they launched Maralex Kids, which is the largest multi-brand children's store in west Paris today, offering a wide range of footwear (the core product!) as well as clothing and various accessories.

We visited 1 rue de la Pompe and wow, the brothers succeeded. What a beautiful space, it has soul, and very important, very cool and high quality brands such as Finger in the Nose, Bellerose, Mini Rodini, Stella McCartney, Bobo Choses, Hartford, Pyrenex, Canada Goose, Emile & Ida, and now since this year, GRAY LABEL. We are proud!

Also available online of course…

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