Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Lille Husset is the story of a little house in a little neighborhood in a big city... Inspired by the houses in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood, Lille Husset dollhouses are made especially for children to design, play with, and make their own stories.
The products are made in the USA using wood, recycled/ recyclable paperboard, and earth friendly printing practices. The front of each house is made from baltic birch and is meant to be reused. The rest of the house is made from recycled paper and sold in replacement packs so you can pass your house on or start again while saving the most expensive part, the wood front.

Your kids could keep the houses spare and minimalist, but likely they'll want to decorate them. Alyson recently launched the blog Lille Ideas chock full of ideas for decorating and furnishing your house. Lille Huset is available in five designs as well as mini versions. What a great concept!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Never want to find crayons in every corner on the floor? Give your little one this cute animal pen case by Miyuki Okada. Tidying up crayons will even be fun!