Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Chan Wai Lin from Little Thoughts Group designed these rocking animals for outdoors. 

She grew up on a farm in Singapore playing with farm animals and objects handmade of wood, which inspired her to make something to share a sense of those memories. 
The playful rocking chairs are made for outdoor use. Eco-friendy Heveatech wood is weather  and termite resistant, and extremely durable. So, they last for a long life full of fun!
The simple designs are all characterized with little details. Which animal friends do you recognize?




Wednesday, 24 June 2015


The GreenChamp bamboo balance bike is the brainchild of Daniel and Sunny. 

Sunny went around the world on a solo expedition that spanned 6,123 km on his first handmade bamboo bicycle. After returning, he met his Dutch Cycling partner, Daniel, who shared the same passion for cycling and bamboo.

Made by talented local artisans (villagers in Guangzhou, China), each GreenChamp bike is a unique and beautiful piece of art. 

It's a balance bike, which helps children to build confidence in their abilities, which helps them to get confidence in other areas of their lives too.

“ Through the GreenChamp Bikes we hope this will encourage parents to educate their young children on the environment and provide children a greener future” Daniel Heerkens, GreenChamp Bikes 

Striking thing to know: A special honey is infused into the bamboo fiber to prevent cracking!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Icy arctic animals helping you getting colder!

 It's very easy to make the Polar bear, the arctic Fox and the snowy owl. All you need is some paper, a few wooden dolly pegs and strings.

Mr. Printables offers the templates on his website. You can download them, and follow the assembly instructions. 

And when the temperature drops again, you can use the fans as hand-held masks if you cut holes in the eyes. 

Monday, 8 June 2015


Not sure what to bring to the beach this year?
We will help!

4 weeks, 4 posts, 4 summer essentials & 4 holiday must-haves.

From Monday the 8th of June we will start our packing journey, 
which ends on Friday the 3rd of July. 

In the end the suitcase will be filled with 4 Gray Label items and 4 summer must-haves.  
You have the chance to become the winner of this must-have summer wardrobe.

So: jump on board! 

All you have to do: make sure you follow us on Facebook, AND share the weekly image with new summer essential on both Facebook and Instagram, #packingforthebeach #graylabel

Monday, 1 June 2015


Set up your eco friendly tennis or football table in a few minutes! These Tennino designs are assembled from pre-folded cardboard parts (no glue or tools needed!), ready for play-offs at home or at your office.

They can be quickly removed for easy storage, and there's place intended for a smartphone with built-in speaker, integrated cup holders, ball and stem wooden games. 

We say: table games 2.0!

For sale at Smallable.com