Friday, 30 May 2014


The Dreaming Spires Willow Playhouse is designed to meet the child's need for imaginative play whilst being an attractive feature in the garden in its own right.

The curvy lines and arched windows give the house a fairy tale quality. The twin spires and forked flags swinging gently in the breeze put one in mind of a knight's encampment. Its ambiguous form transforms effortlessly from cottage to castle, wigwam to igloo.
Any small child would be enchanted to find such an intriguing structure in their garden and will quickly make it their own. 

Judith Needham gives workshops basket making and willow weaving in the UK. So in the end, you can build your own playhouse. More information is to be found here.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


We LOVE these clothepins from Mr. Nico. They come to life!

Mr. Nico is a guy who calls himself a dog with lots of ideas. 
To make them come true he gets some help from his friends. They are folks who share a passion for design and making things with their own crafty hands.

They grow their own vegetables and they believe in a sustainable living. They are based in Italy.
Each one of their screen printed products is individually hand pulled by us using only eco-friendly water based inks. They are made with loving attention and detail without sacrificing handmade imperfections.If you’d like to know more about please visit our blog or drop us a line.

Give him a bark!

Thursday, 22 May 2014


Regina runs a small vintage shop called Oh, Albatross, with little histories and her line of hand made animals. 

"It's a small, barefoot life. and i wouldn't have it any other way."
 (Regina, South Lyon, Michigan, USA) 

Meet the dear ones. Made for little hands and big hearts. Handmade from vintage fabrics and wool stuffing with a hand embroidered face:

Bunny is a whisperer and a giggler and a finder of extraordinary woodland treasures like pinecones and feathers.

A young and gangly sort of puppy who found himself lost after a quick escapade involving a teasing squirrel and long game of chase. He's searching for a new home, as his adventure has led him to the conclusion that curling up in the twigs and leaves is not nearly as comfortable as a soft cushion.

Dapper little donkey bedecked for the spring fair in ribbons and flowers.

Clever young forest fox, just old enough to enjoy a trot through a shadow dappled forest on a cool morning. He's dressed in an uncut corduroy cape to keep of the chill as he searches for a bit of breakfast (luckily, he's an adventurous eater as well as an adventurous explorer and is in fact, hunting for morels).

It's long believed that the albatross carries the souls of lost sailors. An albatross following a sailing vessel gives it protection, as if sailors from the past are watching over the ship and crew. So, old histories are to be found in Regina's little shop on Etsy.
And this is where it is all created, sought and combined. 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Amsterdam's Westerpark offers the most magical kids experiences. 

The Wild West playground is not an ordinary play, but an adventurous place where children under 13 can discover nature and where they can scavenge free, romp, mess and climb. Would you enjoy playing with sand and water, build a cabin, sailing on a raft, admiring frogs and insects, or stroll nicely and pick flowers?

It's all here! The Wild West is an adventure game where you can play in landscape and nature. 

There are three public Adventure Clubs, which kids can join for afterschool activities. The motto is 'Experience Nature to the bone', so they always go outside, whether it rains, storms, hails or when the sparrows fall from the roof: 

"Bad weather does not exist, bad clothing does."

Thursday, 15 May 2014


Kids can imagine themselves sleeping in the forest or desert with these friends around them. 
Wallstickers from KEKAmsterdam are so realistically beautiful, you want to cuddle each one of the animals, or feed them milk.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Timothy John and Krista Plews are the founders of Paper Plane, a design store of thoughtfully curated products with a point of difference from New Zealand and well, everywhere. They collect basically everything to complete lifestyle for adults, but also for kids. We love the clean lines! 

Friday, 9 May 2014


Suussies makes super cute cuddly animals, toys and interior accessories using original fabrics and trimmings for all ages! Every sustainable item is slightly different and therefore unique. Kids stuff and stylish cuddly animals who deserve their own place in your home. We love it!

This is Long Leo

And these are The Dollies:

A camera or even a bow tie:

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Danish Designer Kirstoffer Zeuthen created the 'Bamboo Globe.' 
The aim of this designer is always, apart from enhancing user experience and solving practical problems, to seek out new ways of seeing and interacting with the world.

The 25 cm diameter globe highlights how beauty can be synonymous with environmental friendliness. The base is made from bamboo and the white steel rod replicates the globe's natural tilt. Inside there is a lightbulb. We love this for in the bedrooms of our kids, or at our own desk.